Bin Weevils: Best Nest Sticker Book

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Macmillan Children's Books

Publication date: 14.02.2013
ISBN: 9781447225775
Number of pages: 24


These bare nest rooms are crying out for your Bin-terior design skills! Use the stickers to decorate each nest room with all the best accessories from the Shopping Mall. You might even win yourself a glittering Bin Nest Trophy! When you want to play again, just peel off the stickers for endless decorating fun!

About the Nest Inspector: The Nest Inspector is an absolute expert in interior design. He publishes Best Nest, a magazine showcasing the most brilliant nests he's seen on his many tours around the Bin. The Nest Inspector loves to have a peek inside other Bin Weevils' nests and he has an endless supply of trophies to give out whenever he spots a nest that impresses him. Getting his attention isn't easy, though - his standards are high, so before you invite him, your nest should look its absolute best!