Released on 08 March 2018.

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Some Sunny Day

A nurse. A soldier. A wartime love story.

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08 March 18


Madam, I am directed by the Secretary of State for India to inform you that your acceptance as a member of the VAD has been approved with effect from 16th June 1944

Madge Graves had never been further from her hometown of Dover than London, yet not long after qualifying as a nurse she boarded a ship which would take her thousands of miles away to Bombay. She could barely imagine what life would be like there: how hot could it really be? How would she bear being so far from the white cliffs of home?

While she knew that her time in Chittagong would be tough, she couldn’t have imagined the horrors that war would present her. Yet she also found friendship and camaraderie among the nurses and troops that she worked alongside.

It was in Chittagong that Madge would also meet the man who was to be the love of her life, Captain Basil Lambert. Would their fragile newfound love be able to survive the heady, violent final weeks of the Second World War and the challenges that would follow?

Heart-warming, romantic and moving, Some Sunny Day is also a story of fortitude and resolve.