Released on 06 October 2016.

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The Way We Were

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In The Way We Were, Maeve Haran shows that we don't have to always do what's expected of us, no matter what age we are.

Love can be full of surprises.

Rachel is a promising A-level student - until she falls for sexy, dangerous Marko; Mr Darcy with a nose stud.

Her mother, Catherine, is trying to be a good parent and work colleague - but wishes the attentions of her attractive boss didn't suddenly seeming so alluring.

Grandmother Lavinia is certain of her values, protecting the country village she loves from change - until the return of a long-lost love reminds her that life moves on, for people as well as places. Is it too late for Lavinia to embrace change and find happiness?

After all these years - and a lifetime divided by convention - could they really throw other people's expectations to the wind and be the way they were?

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Warm, funny and hugely readable . . . light, frothy, an excellent soufflé of a novel, an obvious bestseller
Publishers Weekly
Haran's novel takes a wry look at the generation gap, providing a good many laughs along the way
The Times
Maeve Haran has an uncanny hotline to the angst of the baby boomer generation . . . this entertaining parable glitters with familiar emotions, from the frustration of family rows to a mother's gratitude for flashes of tenderness
Good Housekeeping