Released on 01 January 2015.

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Sons of Thor

Dane the Defiant

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Imagine being a teenage Viking with a lot of growing up to do. Imagine stealing the Shield of Odin, the talisman that offers protection to your entire village, just to impress a beautiful girl who has a mean way with an axe. Now imagine losing both the shield and the girl to an evil prince, leading to the destruction of your home, the death of your father and the possible annihilation of everything you hold dear, just as the Runes foretold . . .

In the first book of the epic trilogy SONS OF THOR, Dane the Defiant is a Viking with a destiny, but since that destiny is pretty depressing, he's doing his best to avoid it! Embarking on a quest to rescue the girl and defeat the prince, Dane has to deal with lethal doomfish, an enraged frost giant, a love rival with really great hair and his own fears in order to succeed.