Out on 20 August 2020


Mandasue Heller

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20 August 2020
384 pages

Dark and gritty, Witness is a heart-pounding thriller set in Manchester by bestselling author Mandasue Heller.

Witness follows teenager Grace Evans, who befriends a woman across the street who is the victim of a violent partner. However, is this woman all she seems? Why does she have so many amazing gadgets in her house, and why is it all so much more fashionable than Grace's own home?

Grace lives with her mother who is a cleaner at the local hospital, so most of the time she's left to her own devices. When Grace helps Suzie, the woman across the road, out of a tight spot, a friendship is formed, but is there more to this woman than meets the eye?

Captivating from first page to last

Jeffery Deaver on Lost Angel

Mandasue has played a real blinder with this fantastic novel

Martina Cole on Forget Me Not

Heller doesn’t mince words, her gritty plots create a Manchester underworld to rival Martina Cole’s raw and rough East End

Peterborough Evening Telegraph