#3 in series

The Book of Transformations

Book 3 in the series

3.73 based on 222 ratings & 22 reviews on Goodreads.com

Publication date: 03.06.2011
ISBN: 9780230760820
Number of pages: 0


A new and corrupt Emperor seeks to rebuild the ancient structures of Villjamur. But when the stranger Shalev arrives, empowering a militant underground movement, crime and terror become the rule.

Emperor Urtica calls upon cultists to help construct a group to eliminate those involved with the uprising, and calm the populace. But there’s more to these Villjamur Knights than just phenomenal skills and abilities - each have a secret that, if exposed, could destroy everything they represent.

Investigator Fulcrom of the Villjamur Inquisition is given the unenviable task of managing the Knights’, but his own skills are tested when a mysterious priest, who has travelled from beyond the Empire’s edge, seeks his help. The priest’s existence threatens the church, and his quest promises to unweave the fabric of the world. Then in a distant corner of the Empire, the enigmatic cultist Dartun Súr steps back into this world, having witnessed horrors beyond his imagination. Broken, altered, he and the remnants of his cultist order are heading back to Villjamur. All eyes turn to the Sanctuary City, for Villjamur’s ancient legends are about to be shattered.

Praise for the Legends of the Red Sun series: ‘Newton combines strange and vivid creations with very real and pressing concerns … estimable commitment and passion’ China Mieville, ‘Fantasy with vast scope and ambition’ Guardian, ‘A deft melding of murder mystery, gang warfare, corrupt politics and full-blown war’ SFX