Hatchet Job

Love Movies, Hate Critics

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Publication date: 10.10.2013
ISBN: 9781447230526
Number of pages: 0


'The finest film critic in Britain at the absolute top of his form' Stephen Fry

'Entertainingly incendiary stuff' Empire

A hatchet job isn't just a bad review, it's a total trashing. Mark Kermode is famous for them - Pirates of the Caribbean, Sex and the City 2, the complete works of Michael Bay.

Beginning with his favourite hatchet job ever, Mark tells us about the best bad reviews in history, why you have to be willing to tell a director face-to-face their movie sucks, and about the time he apologized to Steven Spielberg for badmouthing his work.

But why do we love really bad reviews? Is it so much harder to be positive? And is the Internet ruining how we talk about cinema? The UK's most trusted film critic answers all these questions and more in this hilarious, fascinating and argumentative new book.

'A wry, robust and developed defence of accountable critical voices' Total Film

'Very accessible, entertaining and relevant . . . warmly recommended' Den of Geek

In the media

A passionate history of his craft [from] Britain's premier film critic
A wry, robust and developed defence of accountable critical voices
Total Film
A passionate defence of criticism in the time of Twitter . . . Kermode's sprawling style is engaging and, frequently, spot on
Sunday Times