Released on 03 December 2015.

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Moving to a new home can sometimes feel scary and a little bit lonely, but this little racoon soon discovers that wherever you go adventures soon follow. My New Home by author/illustrator Marta Altés is a beautiful and uplifting story about moving house, making friends and finding a new home.

This warm, thoughtful and reassuring story is written from the perspective of a young child. It's perfect for children about to move house or start new school, but has a universal message for any child about the importance of kindness and acceptance when meeting someone new.

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Every page of this book is considered and executed superbly... This is the ideal choice for all those looking for a bit of reassurance, or just a beautiful picture book. With My New Home, Marta Altés has managed to deliver another firm favourite.
This is a lovely book about friendship and moving to a new place that we highly recommend. It would be perfect for young children who might be worried about moving or be about to start school.
Written from a young child's viewpoint this book gets right into the heart of a small child's concerns and answers them in a positive and reassuring way.