#3 in series

Welcome Strangers

Book 3 in the series

4.14 based on 10 ratings & 1 reviews on Goodreads.com

Publication date: 25.02.2016
ISBN: 9781509819188
Number of pages: 0


As the 1939-1945 war slows to a clumsy halt, a trembling world holds out its arms to welcome peace back home again. Alice Fairley, her friends and her family are surprised to find themselves so unprepared for peacetime. In a way, it's like starting all over again: all the things one was confident about have disappeared or changed shape somehow, while things which were acceptable, or even pleasant, now seem different, dull, irksome. Noisy whispers of spy-rings and foreign conspiracies provoke shockwaves of malice and stinging intolerance. The world has grown up. Quickly, they discover that the battle is not over yet . . . persistent spectres of duty and guilt pick their victims indiscriminately.

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Honest, shrewd and entirely convincing
London Standard
Mary Hocking is a subtle and unusual novelist . . . who deals almost relentlessly with what passes as the ordinary
Financial Times