Love May Fail

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Macmillan Digital Audio

Publication date: 04.06.2015
ISBN: 9781447288176
Number of pages: 0


Portia Kane is having a meltdown. After escaping her cheating husband and their posh Florida life, she finds herself transported back home and back to square one. In need of saving herself, she sets out to find and resurrect a beloved high-school English teacher who has retired after a violent incident in the classroom.

But she quickly learns that it's not a one-woman job. Luckily she meets a few people on her journey. Can Chuck, the handsome brother of Portia's old school friend, together with a sassy nun and a metal-head little boy, help Portia's chances in her bid for renewed hope in the human race?

It's going to be quite a ride.

Moving and funny, Love May Fail is about the heartache and daring choices it takes to become the person you know deep down you are meant to be.

In the media

There's always reason to hope in [Quick's] novels . . . A lovely, entertaining book.
New York Daily News
An easy, enjoyable, and thoughtful read with laughs and tears along the way. Quick's devotees won't be disappointed.
Library Journal
A complex and thought-provoking American comedy about love and the meaning of life
Daily Mail