Released on 07 May 2010.

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To Do or Die

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As Hitler’s armies march into Europe, Eddie Dawson, an explosives expert and somewhat reluctant lance-corporal in the Royal Engineers, is sent to France on an assessment mission that seems straight-forward enough.

His task completed, he anticipates an early return to Britain, but instead he’s sent to the Saarland region, where the French have launched an ill-advised invasion into German territory. Dawson’s demolition skills are needed to clear a way through a minefield.

Within hours everything goes wrong and Dawson and a fellow sapper are caught on the wrong side of the front line. Their obvious escape route blocked, they head north, but their troubles have only just begun...

To Do or Die is the first in a series of exciting adventure novels set in the Second World War, a time of heroes, acts of outlandish bravery and brutal hand-to-hand combat.