The Fever

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Publication date: 18.06.2015
ISBN: 9781447226338
Number of pages: 320


Deenie, Gabby and Lise are best friends - a tight girl-unit negotiating their way through the troubled waters of their teens, a world of sex, secrets and intense relationships.

When first Lise then Gabby falls prey to a mysterious illness, hysteria sweeps their school and, as more girls succumb, Deenie finds herself an outsider, baffled by the terrifying illness and scared that it could all be because of something she has done.

Suffering with Deenie are her dad and her brother, both protective of Deenie, but each with secrets of their own . . .

The Fever is an explosive novel in which Megan Abbott explores the lethal power of guilt and desire, and how mass hysteria can grip a community, making real our deepest fears.

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The lives of teenage girls are dangerous, beautiful things in Abbott's stunning seventh novel . . . Abbott expertly withholds just enough information to slowly ratchet up the suspense until the reader is as breathless as Deenie at the arrival of each new text message or cryptic phone call and the school vibrates with half-formed theories and speculations . . . Nothing should be taken at face value in this jealousy- and hormone-soaked world except that Abbott is certainly our very best guide.
Kirkus (starred review)
An amazing novel . . . dripping with tension and bubbling with burgeoning sexuality
Remember your baffling, insecurity-stricken, traumatic teenage years? Well, add to the flurry of hormones an inexplicable violent illness that sweeps through the school and you find yourself caught in the delicious mystery of Megan Abbott's latest high-school thriller . . . The context of a mid-American town and the intricately described background details supply just the right amount of normality to make the drama all the more enticing . . . the subtle, yet undeniable, sexual tension was particularly well done . . . I wouldn't want to be a teenager again, but it's surprisingly thrilling for just a few sordid hours.