The Wee Book of Colouring

Beautiful Images Inspired by the poetry of Robert Burns

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A colouring-in celebration of the landscape of Scotland. On each page, colour in a beautiful scene inspired by the poetry of Scotland's Bard, Robert Burns. From snow-covered mountains, to green valleys and wild-hanging woods, let the busy world melt away and take a walk through the highlands.

Add colour to pages of tangled briar and barley, curlicues of wild roses and lilac and water rushing past mossy banks and relax in the company of Burn's timeless poetry.

For just a few minutes of each day, escape to a place of stillness and beauty.

About Melissa Four

Melissa Four is a book cover designer and illustrator who has worked on a wide range of books for adults and children. Her illustrations have also featured in magazines, album covers and skateboard decks. She has published The Wee Book of Colouring: Beautiful Images Inspired by the poetry of Robert Burns. She lives in London with her husband and two sons.

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