Released on 29 December 2016.

#3 in series
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Heaven's Fall

and David S Goyer

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Humanity is facing its greatest challenge. The alien Reivers have conquered our world, and their newly erected strongholds cast shadows across a subjugated land.

Twenty years earlier, extraterrestrials first came to Earth. They abducted humans; stranding them on a spacecraft named Keanu. However, these entities came seeking our help -- against the Reivers who had overrun their home-world. But they brought the Reivers to us, carrying their contagion from the stars. Then when Keanu finally re-establishes contact with Earth, terror awaits.

Reivers now control the planet and are preparing to destroy Keanu. And Rachel Stewart will leave the ship to lead Earth's last rebels in a bid for freedom; their goal being to infiltrate a Reiver fortress. But somehow Keanu holds the key to our salvation – and if it can’t be found, humanity will be finished. The galaxy will be next.