Released on 01 January 2015.

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The Borrible Trilogy

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A small group of feral, street-wise Peter-Pan-type beings set out on three very different but related missions across the darker side of London. They are missions combining excitement, violence, low cunning, betrayal, loyalty, greed, generosity, cowardice and insane bravery. This is an epic fantasy adventure that is both thought-provoking and thrilling until the very last second, set against the backdrop of an all too familiar yet weirdly different urban landscape.

For the first time, Michael de Larrabeiti's much-loved, classic novels THE BORRIBLES, THE BORRIBLES GO FOR BROKE and ACROSS THE DARK METROPOLIS are brought together in one volume.

'A strong and vivid fantasy, much recommended' Observer

'There are books we like, and books we love, and books we need. And then there are books that mean so much to us that they embed themselves in us, irresistibly, and become permanent parts of our mental landscape. Ever since I first read it, THE BORRIBLES has been such a book for me.' China Mieville