Released on 13 March 2014.

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The Borribles: Across the Dark Metropolis

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The adventures of The Hobbit and the rabbits of Watership Down are more than once called to mind . . . and de Larrabeiti has brought something of these mythologies to the street markets and the back alleys of South London and the thronged waterways of the Thames itself
The Times
With considerable ingenuity and finesse, de Larrabeiti has projected a grim, violent futureworld . . . he presents an alien culture with its own folkways, legends and taboos . . . The Borribles won't win friends among the starry-eyed or squeamish, all the same they are the offspring of a singular imagination
New York Times
Battersea's answer to Watership Down, The Lord of the Rings and The Guns of Navarone . . . It is a tale of low cunning and dubious morality . . . here is an epic with an eyeful of smut - what the Trojan Wars were really like. Try the Borribles, warts and all, before they become a legend
Times Educational Supplement