Called by a Panther

Michael Z. Lewin

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28 January 2016
254 pages


Can this go-for-it detective really be the Albert Samson we used to know? Advertising his wares on television? Having too many clients? If the workload is too intense, no problem: hire help for the less-pressing jobs.

In this novel, a 'Marlowe' winner in Germany, which cases have the strongest claim on Samson's attentions? Maybe it's the extraordinary fact that terrorism has come to Indianapolis. Yes, Indianapolis. A band of environmental extremists has hit the headlines by planting a bomb a week.

Not that Samson's been hired to find them - that's a job for the cops. But the city's panic has even affected Samson's normally level-headed police friend. For a moment - just a moment - the guy actually thinks Samson has something to do with the bomb-planters.

But that's ridiculous. Isn't it?

Packed with suspense; literate and funny

Boston Globe

. . . so amusing, the wonder is that it also works so well as a thriller . . . Fast, funny and brilliant

The Wall Street Journal

Michael Lewin. . . is as witty as Robert Parker, as ingratiating as Sue Grafton and as crafty a plotter as either

Washington Post Book World