Released on 28 January 2016.

#8 in series
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Eye Opener

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Albert Samson is ecstatic when he finally gets his private investigator's license back. It's taken years and he's been through some very low times. But now the worst is over, at last.

And within days he has a couple of cases. Granted, one is a freebie, investigating vandalism at a neighbourhood church. But the other is the best-paying job he's ever had. He's working for lawyers defending a man accused of terrifying Indianapolis women for years. Well, everyone's entitled to a defence.

The only snag is that the arresting officer on the case was Samson's childhood friend, now a captain in the Indy police. Well, never mind. It was, after all, this 'friend' who cost Samson his license in the first place.

As Samson investigates both cases, he is led into territory far beyond what at first appears likely. And he involves some unlikely helpers, including his mother and his daughter - now all growed up and thinking about her own future. One possibility would be to join the detective agency, making it Samson & Daughter.

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I loved this book from start to finish
Deadly Pleasures
Readers will appreciate this amusing private investigator tale starring a fabulous fallen sleuth getting a second chance. . .The investigations are cleverly designed as Albert traverses the mean streets of Indianapolis