Missing Woman

Michael Z. Lewin

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28 January 2016
248 pages


A dowdy woman hires private eye Albert Samson to locate her college chum. But is she missing or has she just run away from her husband?

A stop-start case takes Samson out of his Indianapolis comfort zone into Southern Indiana where he picks his way through intrigues, lies, and lures and where he tangles with a hostile police force. Everyone has something to hide.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if things did turn out to be as advertised, at least now and then. However here he scrapes the deceptions aside and works his way to the bottom of a tantalizing puzzle in a novel that was adapted for television in Japan.

Among the most convincing private eyes of recent years has been Albert Samson . . . Mr. Lewin's book is marked by a sharp style, crisp dialogue and believable characters

New York Times Book Review

. . .lean, and sinewy prose propels the reader. . .through a satisfying book

Houston Post

Lewin's best book. . . The dialogue is authentic, the settings attractive and the mystery real

New Republic