Released on 28 January 2016.

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Indianapolis police veteran, Lt. Leroy Powder, works nights. Every night. It suits him, not least because it keeps him away from the department's higher-ranks - the ones who are less concerned about doing things right than about advancing their careers. Powder's not popular with those types because he likes things to be done right. He's even ready to show other officers how to become better cops. Not that they always appreciate it. Powder's not a popular guy, but so what? Doing right by the citizens of Indy is what matters.

It's one more average night in Indianapolis. Burglaries, assaults, a missing girl. And then someone reports a body, a man murdered with a distinctive MO. But why don't the daytime cops in Homicide work the case right? Well, they can't complain if Powder helps out on his own time, can they? And what's a private eye named Samson got to do with it all?

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. . .a good procedural told with ironic skill. . . Intricate, yet human
San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle
. . .a fast and funny thriller
Harvard Magazine
It's that special world Lewin, like Chandler, creates where life and death have the same chill factor
Kirkus Reviews