#3 in series

The Enemies Within

Book 3 in the series

3.56 based on 14 ratings & 2 reviews on Goodreads.com

Publication date: 28.01.2016
ISBN: 9781509816651
Number of pages: 0


An antiques dealer hires Albert Samson to prod a tardy producer about a play he's written. The producer has had it for weeks and now the playwright wants his script back. It's an unlikely project, but Samson hasn't got anything better to do on a snowy December night in Indianapolis.

But 'The Kokomo Case Case' turns out not to exist. Which is only the first in a long chain of ambiguous events. The series of half-truths and whole lies leads to the spectre of a murdered child.

In the media

Lewin has brains and style, and that's why the story is such a good one
Los Angeles Times
a neat puzzle, deftly worked out
Publishers Weekly