The Silent Salesman

Michael Z. Lewin

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28 January 2016
286 pages

Indianapolis private eye Albert Samson is hired to find out why a devoted sister is not being allowed to visit her brother in hospital. A salesman and researcher at a pharmaceutical laboratory, he's been in a coma and in intensive care for seven months after an accident at work. His sister's been told a visit would put him at risk. But how can that be?

Samson tries to find out, and he too gets stonewalled. But wouldn't his work be so much simpler if his clients actually told him the truth? Even so, the nest of intrigue expands to questions of murder, and even the FBI.

In the classic tradition of the American private eye. Scratch away the tin and you get molasses. The book is nicely constructed

New York Times Book Review

Lewin has brains and style

Los Angeles Times

Packed with suspense, literate and funny. A swell book to sink back into the
pillows with

Boston Globe