That Little Voice In Your Head

Mo Gawdat

26 May 2022
400 pages


'Everything he writes is an enlightening education in how to be human.' – Elizabeth Day

To fix a machine, first you need to find out what’s wrong with it. To fix unhappiness, you need to find out what causes it.

That Little Voice in Your Head is the practical guide to retraining your brain for optimal joy by Mo Gawdat, the internationally bestselling author of Solve for Happy. Mo reveals how by beating negative self-talk, we can change our thought processes, turning our greed into generosity, our apathy into compassion and investing in our own happiness.

This book provides readers with exercises to help reshape their mental processes. Drawing on his expertise in programming and his knowledge of neuroscience, Mo explains how – despite their incredible complexity – our brains behave in ways that are largely predictable. From these insights, he delivers this user manual for happiness.

Inspired by the life of his late son, Ali, Mo Gawdat has set out to share a model for happiness based on generosity and empathy towards ourselves and others. Using his experience as a former Google engineer and Chief Business Officer, Mo shares his 'code' for reprogramming our brain and moving away from the misconceptions modern life gives us.

Mo Gawdat is my life guru. His writing, his ideas and his generosity in sharing them has changed my life for the better in so many ways. Everything he writes is an enlightening education in how to be human
As someone who devours any word of Mo Gawdat’s, That Little Voice in Your Head is a fresh and welcome gift. Mo takes you on a journey of understanding that the most important conversation you will ever have, is the one you have with yourself in the secret of your mind. He guides us, informs us and empowers us to transform our internal dialogue from one that can so easily harm and hinder our growth and happiness, to one that nurtures and encourages the same. Mo’s words are warmly delivered and deeply impactful. I have total confidence in the fact that the tools he generously shares will change and improve lives, welcoming the improved happiness and self-esteem we’d all benefit from.