Released on 23 June 2015.

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Forgotten Girl

A powerful true story of amnesia, secrets and second chances

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Naomi Jacobs went to sleep one night in 2008 as a 32-year-old mother, and woke up the next morning in 1992 as a 15 year-old school girl.

Overnight, seventeen years had been erased from her memory. She did not recognise the house she woke up in, though it was hers, nor her 11 year-old son, Leo. She didn't even remember giving birth to him. As far as she was concerned, she had woken up to a year when John Major was Prime Minister, before the world had experienced 9/11, been blessed with mobile phones, DVDs, Facebook or reality TV.

With the help of her personal diaries and those close to her, Naomi set about piecing together as much as she could of her missing 17 years. What she discovered shocked her. As she dug deeper into her memories, she began to experience disturbing flashbacks of traumatic events. Would Naomi ever find her way back to the person she once was? Did she even want to?