Released on 01 April 2011.

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The Godless Boys

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The Godless Boys is the astounding literary debut of Naomi Wood, author of Mrs. Hemingway.

Imagine an alternative England, where the Church controls the country and non-believers have been exiled to a remote island.

On the Island, a fierce group of boys patrols the community, searching for signs of faith and punishing any believers. When a new girl appears, arriving from the mainland to search for her long-lost mother, the gang is split: one boy falls in love with her, another seeks violent revenge. The struggle between them will change everything.

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A tender, brutal tale focusing on God, love and violence.
A gripping, well-crafted tale . . . impressive.
The comforts of faith, the terrors of extremism, the loneliness of not believing anything at all: these are the aggressively modern tensions that pierce Wood's novel . . . richly conceived.