Out on 02 February 2023

How to Unpack the World

Natasha Devon

Ages 9-12
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02 February 2023
208 pages


An essential handbook for anyone who wants to be the best, most authentic version of themselves on the web.

There are three billion people online. Each of those people has their own biases, agendas and issues. It’s little wonder when young people step into the digital world and are bombarded with ‘hot takes’, calls to cancel ‘problematic’ individuals, trolls, fake news and celebrity sales pitches they’re likely to find it overwhelming and confusing.

This book wants to change that. It will teach young people how to:
- See and evaluate all sides of an argument;
- Spot fake news;
- Explain their ‘take’ persuasively;
- Use the internet to campaign for a fairer world;
- Get the most out of their online role models;
- Show allyship to marginalised groups;

Ch1 'Understanding what Social Media does to your Brain',
Ch2: Evaluating Arguments, Spotting Fake News & Coming up with Your 'Take',
Ch3: Choosing and Getting the Best from Online Role Models.
Ch4: Using your Digital Power for Good,
Ch5: Allyship: How to do it Well
Ch6: How to 'Teach Up': Bridging the Generational Divide,
Ch7: How to be your Best Self Online
Ch8: Creating A Successful Digital Campaign,