Owner series

Neal Asher

The Owner trilogy by Neal Asher takes place in a near future dystopia – Earth is overpopulated, under-resourced, and ruled from a space station by the tyrannical Committee. Using hard sci-fi to explore the furthest reaches of the possible, Asher’s visceral Orwellian vision is a must-read for fans of Peter F. Hamilton, or classic writers such as Isaac Asimov. Fast paced and political, this series is a great entry point for readers new to Neal Asher – start with The Departure.

The Departure #1 in series

The Departure

Book 1 in the series

The Departure is the first book in Neal Asher's near-future, science fiction Owner series.The Argus Space Station looks down on a nightmarish Earth. And from this safe distance, the Committee enforces its despotic rule. There are too many people and too few resources, and they need twelve billion to die before Earth can be stabilized. So corruption is rife, people starve, and the poor are policed by mechanized overseers and identity-reader guns. Citizens already fear the brutal Inspectorate with its pain inducers. But to reach its goals, the Committee will unleash satellite laser weaponry, ...

Zero Point #2 in series

Zero Point

Book 2 in the series

Zero Point is the second book in Neal Asher's near-future, science fiction Owner series.Earth’s Zero Asset citizens no longer face extermination. Thanks to Alan Saul, the Committee’s despotic network is in ruins and its robotic enforcers lie dormant. But the ruthless Serene Galahad sees an opportunity to grab power. On Mars, Var Delex fights for Antares Base’s survival, while the Argus Space Station hurtles towards the red planet. And Var knows whomever, or whatever, trashed Earth is still aboard. She must not only save the base, but deal with the first signs of rebellion. And aboard Argus ...

Jupiter War #3 in series

Jupiter War

Book 3 in the series

Jupiter War is the third book in Neal Asher's near-future, science fiction Owner series.Alan Saul is now part human and part machine, and our solar system isn't big enough to hold him. He craves the stars, but can't leave yet. His sister Var is trapped on Mars, on the wrong side of a rebellion, and Saul's human side won't let her die. He must leave Argus Station to stage a dangerous rescue -- but mutiny is brewing on board, as Saul's robots make his crew feel increasingly redundant. Serene Galahad will do anything to prevent Saul's escape. Earth’s ruthless dictator hides her crimes from a ...