Released on 09 August 2012.

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Snow in the Desert (Short Reads)

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In the parched, arid wastes of this far-flung Polity world, Snow is being hunted. With a prize on his head

and his life in danger, trust is a luxury he can’t afford. Hirald, pale and deadly in the blistering heat, is an

ambiguous presence. But who is she? What does she want from him?

Mankind has sought Snow’s secret for thousands of years, and blood will flow in the desert before it’s revealed.

This short tale is compelling, brutal and lingers long after the final word:

the perfect introduction to Neal Asher’s Polity universe fiction.

Praise for Neal Asher

‘Skillfully combines graphic action and sensitive characterisation’ GUARDIAN

‘This is top-notch stuff from an author well and truly at the top of his game’

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Skillfully combines graphic action and sensitive characterisation.