Sacrifice of Isaac

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Publication date: 25.10.2012
ISBN: 9781447227892
Number of pages: 0


Luke Benami is twenty-six years old when his father's sudden death compels him to return to Israel from America. Until now, he believed that his father was a great man, an Israeli national hero, and that his brother was the army deserter and criminal his family said he was.

But as he searches for his estranged brother, he begins a dangerous investigation that will challenge every certainty - about his father, his brother and his homeland.

Spellbinding and provocative, Sacrifice of Isaac is a thrilling novel about personal and political choices that probes the dark history of modern Israel.

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Extraordinary . . . Sacrifice of Isaac immediately vaults Neil Gordon into the company of John Le Carré and Graham Greene
One of the most intellectually sophisticated thrillers this reviewer has ever read
Washington Post
Sacrifice of Isaac is deft, finely written and put together with a rare assurance and maturity
New York Times