Released on 25 October 2012.

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The Company You Keep

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When journalist Benjamin Schulberg discovers a link between liberal lawyer Jim Grant and a notorious Vietnam-era fugitive, the world that Jim has carefully built for himself and his daughter collapses.

His cover blown, Jim is forced to go on the run after decades living under his false identity. Still wanted for his part in an act of domestic terrorism in 1974, he must travel deep into his past to clear his name and save his young daughter.

Set against the backdrop of the Vietnam war, The Company You Keep is an intelligent thriller about political ideals, family loyalties, and the shadowy world of the radical anti-war group the Weather Underground.

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The Company You Keep works as a thriller, but the adventures . . . are grounded firmly in larger political and moral issues, in this case the passionate conviction that the radical opposition in the '60s to the Vietnam War represented the high point of American idealism, the best dream America ever had . . . The characters speak with passion about serious moral issues, and they admit to us the intimate moments of their lives where the political and the personal intersect. The result is a compelling story
Los Angeles Times
A hybrid of political novel, love story, cat-and-mouse-thriller . . . an addictive page-turner of a book
Seattle Times
Chicago Tribune