The Gun Runner's Daughter

Neil Gordon

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25 October 2012
0 pages

Law student Allison Rosenthal has lived a life of privilege - the finest schools, summers on Martha's Vineyard - her future is both brilliant and certain. But when her father is arrested for illegally selling arms to Bosnian Muslims on behalf of an Israeli weapons manufacturer, Allison's life is thrown into chaos.
As the trial rocks the presidential administration and the media's unblinking eye focuses on her family, Allison is forced to decide where her loyalties lie.

Audacious and thrilling, The Gun Runner's Daughter cleverly explores the consequences of personal and political entanglement.

A moral thriller . . . mesmerizing, raising issues that most prefer to leave buried and forgotten

New York Times

Wonderfully suspenseful

Washington Post

A complicated plot bursting with skulduggery and finishing off with a satisfying surprise

New York Times