Surviving Extremes

Ice, Jungle, Sand and Swamp

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Publication date: 23.08.2012
ISBN: 9781447232445
Number of pages: 0


The intrepid Oxford don, explorer and author of Going to Extremes is back, and he's set himself a challenge to cope with the worst that nature can throw at him in Surviving Extremes. Travelling to four of the most extreme natural environments: swamps, deserts, jungles and arctic wastelands, the question is, can he pick up enough tips from the indigenous people to hack it at the very edge of human existence, or will his mid latitude sensibilities forever let him down? This is Nick's account of how he had to put his body and mind to the test in a unique survival experiment.

Praise for Going to Extremes:

'A brilliant read... that illustrated the strong will and determination of man in the face of everything that nature had to throw at us' Wanderlust

'Loveably insane Oxford geography professor Nick Middleton... has something of the amateur Victorian explorer about him... a compelling and hilarious look at one of man's lunatic obsessions' The Sunday Times