Out on 14 September 2023

Out There in the Wild

Nicola Davies

James Carter

Dom Conlon

Illustrated by Diana Catchpole

Ages 6-8
14 September 2023
208 pages


A stunning poetry gift book celebrating the natural world, illustrated by Diana Catchpole.

Us humans mostly live in towns and cities nowadays — yet still we retain our sense of wonder in nature, and that’s why we wander the rivers, lakes, forests, beaches and ancient paths of the world. And still we ponder over what it is to be free, to be wild, to be out there fending for ourselves amidst the elements and throughout the seasons. Nicola Davies, Dom Conlon and James Carter invite you to consider how humans are connected to the wild. Expect poems on all kinds of wild things from elephants to lantern fish, wolves to bats, bees to hares and way, way beyond. We are all nature after all.