Released on 05 July 2012.

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I Am Reading with CD: Alligator Tails and Crocodile Cakes

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For ages 3-5
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Hide and Seek: Crocodile is so excited to play hide and seek with his best friend Alligator. Crocodile covers his eyes and counts to ten. It doesn’t take him a moment to find his friend though, Alligator’s big floppy tail won’t hide behind anything in the jungle. But what will happen when Crocodile tries to hide himself?

Bake a Cake: Crocodile isn’t too pleased with Alligator – he said he’d help him make a lovely cake in the kitchen but all he’s done so far is drop the flour on the floor, smash the sugar bowl and try to juggle eggs. Crocodile sighs and tells Alligator to measure out the raisins. “You can eat one but no more.” Will Alligator do as he’s told?