Released on 01 January 2015.

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The Tragedy of William and Margaret Joyce

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William and Margaret Joyce – Lord and Lady Haw-Haw – became one of the most mythologized, feared and ridiculed partnerships of the Second World War. His ‘Germany Calling’ broadcasts and her pro-Nazi wireless talks were part of the very fabric of the Home Front. Yet, when the couple were captured in May 1945, only William was charged with high treason - despite its becoming apparent that he wasn't actually a British subject.

Authorized by William Joyce’s daughter, Heather, and based on new interviews and unpublished letters, diaries and recently declassified Secret Service files, Haw-Haw is a meticulously researched biography: an incisive and shocking study of two people whose beliefs overrode everything.

'Makes Joyce's belief in the eventual victory of British fascism seem credible to today's readers. . . masterful use of source material' James Wood, Scotland on Sunday

'Exciting and endlessly fascinating' Craig Brown, Mail on Sunday (5 stars)

'Well-researched and fast-paced' Michael Burleigh, Sunday Times