Released on 06 August 2010.

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The Making of a Royal Marines Commando

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Who exactly are the Royal Marines Commandos - and what makes them so special? Why do so many other countries regard the Royal Marines as being the finest soldiers in the world? How does the Corps manage to maintain such high standards in the face of continuing financial cutbacks? What sort of man wants to become a Royal Marine - and what sort of man is ultimately selected? Based on interviews with members of the Corps, ex-Marine Nigel Foster shows what it is really like to serve in one of the toughest military units in the world. He vividly recreates the Marine experience in all its aspects, from the training of recruits and life in the legendary 3 Commando Brigade to the Corps’ highly effective special forces role. He also describes the Marines in action in the second Gulf War and in Afghanistan, and looks forward to their future as the nature of warfare changes.

Comprehensive and revealing, The Making of a Royal Marine Commando ultimately explains the true meaning of the Commando spirit and why the Green Beret is so highly prized by all those who have been privileged to wear it.