Change Here For Babylon

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Publication date: 18.10.2012
ISBN: 9781447235903
Number of pages: 0


When Tom Harrington embarks on an affair with the beautiful and affectionate Emily Hunter, he has no idea how seriously his life will be affected. At first, it is a straightforward deception, requiring only the usual expected tasks of lying to their respective spouses and hiding their relationship from the public eye. Before a year is out, however, Tom and Emily’s love has somehow become the epicenter of a quickly unraveling web of treachery, jealousy, intrigue, and even murder.

As the facts become muddied and the casualties pile up, Tom tries to make sense of it all: his own responsibility and guilt; his mistress’s secrets and her husband’s slick exterior; his wife’s desperation and confusion. But the more control he tries to take, the less he finds he has, and the situation spirals ever quicker.

Change Here for Babylon is a gripping story of misplaced emotion and misguided action. It grabs the reader from the very start, racing along with the suspense of a brilliant crime novel and moving with grim inevitability towards its surprising conclusion.