Released on 28 October 2015.

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Emily's Christmas Wish

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A heart-warming short story, Emily's Christmas Wish is a delightful festive read exclusive to eBook from Pam Weaver, author of Blue Moon.

Emily Farrent should be looking forward to Christmas at home with her parents in London; instead she lies petrified under her bed. Ushered away from a horrendous scene at her family home, Emily is taken to a nearby children's home. Since witnessing an attack on her mother, she hasn't uttered a word, and now the other children are making her life miserable. With her father missing and her mother fighting for her life, Emily's only hope lies in the hands of a woman she's never met . . .

Susan Marley faces a bleak Christmas on her own in Worthing. The families she usually spends the holiday with are all busy doing other things this year. She can share some of the joys of the season whilst looking after their children, but this only serves to exacerbate her own loneliness.

Will Emily ever be reunited with her family again? Or is she, like Susan, destined to be all alone for Christmas?

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