Important to Me

Pamela Hansford Johnson

01 March 2012
242 pages


This is an unconventional memoir – a book of reflections upon the things that have been most important in Pamela Hansford Johnson’s life.

It is a wide-ranging book. It offers personal reminiscenses; views on literature, music and painting; portraits of remarkable people; opinions on politics and society; and scenes from an active life. Pamela Hansford Johnson writes about her childhood and youth, giving a marvellous portrait of her mother. She brilliantly discusses the writer who is her greatest enthusiasm—Marcel Proust. With wit and a sharp eye she describes her travels in the United States and Russia. She gives an account of her close friendship with Dylan Thomas, and she portrays Edith Sitwell.

At once personal and reflective, Important To Me is written with immediacy and unassuming grace.