Released on 14 December 2017.

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A Few Dying Words

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Every year, the normally staid citizens of Blackwater Bay celebrate Halloween with a carnival of madness and laughter – they call it the Howl. Practical jokes are the speciality of the day and every town in the county competes for the wildest ‘Howler’ of all. For one person however, the Howl means murder.

Under cover of the carnival, the killer that struck thirty years ago strikes again. Or, at least, that is what Sheriff Matt Gabriel thinks. Everybody else says he’s crazy. Suspicion, hatred and resentment surround him as he searches for the person who killed once, twice – and may kill again. Witty, full of incident and character, with a genuinely surprising solution, A Few Dying Words, once again proves Paula Gosling’s mastery in the art of the whodunit.