Released on 30 November 2017.

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The Wychford Murders

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Wychford is a charming and quiet West Country village. Or rather, it was –until Mrs Tompkins was found with her throat slashed. Now, when evening shadows fall, the picturesque little lanes seem filled with menace and golden Cotswold stones are stained with blood.
Detective Chief Inspector Luke Abbott is sent to find the killer. He was born and brought up in Wychford - but he hardly recognises it. The young girl he loved has become the local doctor. The boy who once bullied him is now a respected local Squire. In the magnificent old Manor, in the local Craft Centre, in all the small homes and cottages, the people of Wychford hide – wondering who next will fall victim to the killer’s bloody knife.
Abbott’s investigation exposes the private lives behind the postcard prettiness – secret loves and hates, perversion, envy, jealousy, greed, and – eventually – a ruthless murderer.