Commonwealth Saga Series

Peter F. Hamilton

Peter F Hamilton's Commonwealth Saga is a dazzling science fiction duology. Set in the same universe as standalone novel Misspent Youth, the series starts in the year 2380 when humanity has colonised over six hundred planets, all interlinked by wormholes. With Earth at its centre, the Intersolar Commonwealth has grown into a quiet, wealthy society, where rejuvenation allows its citizens to live for centuries and a number of alien species co-exist mostly peacefully. But that peace is suddenly disturbed by an ominous external threat . . .

Pandora's Star
Judas Unchained

'The best book Hamilton has written in years' Guardian

'Massively bloody action sequences, betrayals galore, and near-miraculous last-minute escapes . . . Highly recommended' Starburst

Pandora's Star #1 in series

Pandora's Star

Book 1 in the series

The first part of the epic Commonwealth Saga, Pandora's Star by Peter F. Hamilton is a fantastic galaxy-spanning novel from the master of space opera.Earth AD 2329: Humanity has colonized over four hundred planets, all interlinked by wormholes. For the first time in mankind's history there is peace.Then a star over a thousand light years away suddenly vanishes, imprisoned inside a force field of immense size.Only a faster-than-light starship, captained by ex-NASA astronaut Wilson Kime, can reach that distance to investigate.But there was a good reason for sealing off an entire star system. ...

Judas Unchained #2 in series

Judas Unchained

Book 2 in the series

Judas Unchained is the high-action concluding novel of the Commonwealth Saga from Peter F. Hamilton, one of the world's bestselling science fiction writers.For hundreds of years the human race has been manipulated into starting a war that could destroy civilisation. As Chief Investigator Paula Myo hunts down the terrifying creature behind the ploy, the invasion continues and dozens of worlds fall to the enemy.Admiral Kime orders a defence with war-winning super-weapons, only to find that their adversaries have equally powerful armaments. How they got them is the question. Has the ...