Void Trilogy Series

Peter F. Hamilton

The Void Trilogy by Peter F. Hamilton is an epic science fiction series set in the same universe as standalone novel Misspent Youth and The Commonwealth Saga. At the centre of the Intersolar Commonwealth universe is a massive black hole; inside is a strange universe where the laws of physics are very different from those we know. The Void. It is slowly consuming the other stars of the galactic core - and now it wants to make contact . . .

The Dreaming Void
The Temporal Void
The Evolutionary Void

'This is thrilling stuff . . . compulsively readable and abundantly full of ideas' The Times

'This is a book that arguably nobody else in Brit SF could even have attempted. Epic, multi-stranded, full of wonders' SFX

The Dreaming Void #1 in series

The Dreaming Void

Book 1 in the series

The Dreaming Void is the first novel in Peter F. Hamilton's epic Void Trilogy, set in the world of the Commonwealth Saga.The Void: a sealed universe, billions of years old. Alive, its expansion is barely contained. Now it wants to make contact. Inigo channels mysterious dreams of an unlikely hero, a simpler life and a hope for a brighter future - on a world that's not his own. His disaffected followers are determined to seek this utopia and cross the forbidden boundary of the Void to reach it. Unaware that such an act could trigger its growth beyond all control . . . destroying everything ...

The Temporal Void #2 in series

The Temporal Void

Book 2 in the series

Following on from The Dreaming Void, The Temporal Void by Peter F. Hamilton is the second book in the incredibly successful Void Trilogy.Humanity is in turmoil as a fanatical cult, inspired by projected dreams from the Void, prepares to journey beyond its boundaries - no matter what they will unleash in doing so . . .Investigator Paula Myo is determined to find the Void's 'Second Dreamer', Araminta, who is channelling the latest visions of Edeard the Waterwalker. A messiah, it's his crusade against injustice that has influenced billions to risk journeying into the unknown.It's only as the ...

The Evolutionary Void #3 in series

The Evolutionary Void

Book 3 in the series

Following The Dreaming Void and The Temporary Void, The Evolutionary Void is the epic conclusion to Peter F. Hamilton's Void trilogy, set in the world of the Commonwealth Saga.Time is running out for those determined to prevent millions of followers from the cult of Living Dreams crossing into the Void and triggering an expansion that will destroy everything in its path. Second Dreamer Araminta is on the run but knows that she cannot escape her destiny forever. But when she finally makes her choice it will change her in ways no one could have expected.Meanwhile, Edeard, the subject of the ...