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True Stories from World War I

For ages 9-11
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Macmillan Children's Books

08 May 14


A collection of twelve fantastic, true stories about war in the air and on land during World War I – including the growing importance of aeroplanes in the war, German bombing raids, the terror of the zeppelins, life in the trenches, the tragedy of Gallipoli and a daring escape from a prisoner of war camp during WWI.

Each story is preceded by an introduction that gives the story its place in history and is followed by brilliant fighting facts. Packed with maps, illustrations and black and white photographs, this is an incredible collection of stories about the First World War.

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Twelve True Stories from the war, on such themes as the terror of the Zeppelins, life in the trenches, the tragedy of Gallipoli and German Bombing Raids.
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