DCI Banks: The First Three Novels

Peter Robinson

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04 December 2014
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The first three DCI Banks novels: Gallows View, A Dedicated Man and A Necessary End by Peter Robinson.

Discover Detective Chief Inspector Bank's first three cases, when he moves to the Yorkshire Dales from London to escape the stress of the metropolis, but soon finds that life in the country is not quite as idyllic as he had imagined . . .

In Gallows View, the people of Eastvale are frightened. Two glue-sniffing thugs are breaking into homes. An old woman may or may not have been murdered. In addition, Banks has to deal with his attraction to a young psychologist Jenny Fuller. As the tension mounts, both Jenny and Banks's wife are drawn deeper into events, and disturbing secrets lie behind the apparently bucolic facade.

In A Dedicated Man, the body of well-liked local historian Harry Steadman is found half-buried under a dry stone wall. But who would want to kill such a thoughtful, dedicated man? DCI Banks soon discovers that disturbing secrets lie behind the apparently bucolic façade.

And in A Necessary End, a simmering tension in the town of Eastvale has now reached breaking point. An anti-nuclear demonstration has ended in violence, leaving one policeman stabbed to death. Though he is warned off the case, Banks realizes that the only way he can salvage his career is finding the killer first.

The novels of Peter Robinson are chilling, evocative, deeply nuanced works of art

Dennis Lehane

Inspector Banks - a man for all seasons, he knows that often the answers to the clues he seeks are hidden in his own heart

Michael Connelly

An award-winning writer with ideas that are imaginative and plots that are refreshingly cliché-free

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