Philip Ardagh's Book of Howlers, Blunders and Random Mistakery

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Macmillan Children's Books

Publication date: 30.11.2010
ISBN: 9780330538268
Number of pages: 0


Find out how the pope got confused with a potato, about the footballer who ate the ref's notebook and why it is a terrible idea to have your name and date of birth tattooed on your neck, in this splendid romp through the most impressive mistakes, blunders, misunderstandings, faux pas, howlers and universal truths that are not true at all, from the magnificently witty pen of Mr Philip Ardagh.

'Who else but Philip Ardagh could bring you such an enjoyable compendium of buffoonery? Howlers, Blunders and Random Mistakery is essential, laugh-out-loud reading.' The Independent