Gut Instinct: What Your Stomach is Trying to Tell You

7 easy steps to health and healing

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In this pioneering book, Pierre Pallardy shares his 7-step method of caring for the stomach – the body’s ‘second brain’. It includes guidance on breathing techniques, the importance of eating regularly and slowly, choosing your food wisely, finding an appropriate sport, creating harmony between the two brains, self-massage techniques and abdominal meditation. These steps will help prevent ill-health but many can also be used to treat various illnesses, and advice is given on this where appropriate.

Pallardy’s method can achieve spectacular results, yet the steps are straightforward and are workable with today’s hectic lifestyles. The secret to good health is not complicated – it is already inside you.

About Pierre Pallardy

Pierre Pallardy is an osteopath, dietician and physical therapist. He has been treating patients with various ailments for over thirty years. He is the author of Gut Instinct: What Your Stomach Is Trying to Tell You. With his wife, Florence, he owns an 18th century mansion on the Île de Ré in France, where he provides tailor-made treatments for clients.

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