Released on 16 June 2016.

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Wildflower Bay: Part Two

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Serialized as three short ebooks that began with Wildflower Bay: Part One, this is the stunning second part of Wildflower Bay, by Rachael Lucas.

Isla is slowly finding her feet on the quiet but charming island of Auchenmor - it's a world away from the hustle and bustle of Edinburgh but Isla is starting to see that's just what she needs.

She's got big dreams that she's determined to make come true - the perfect stylist's job, the perfect social life, the perfect everything - before hitting thirty and going back to her old school reunion. But has she really transformed herself from the shy teenage Isla who was always the butt of everyone's jokes?

And she keeps bumping into the fair-haired Finn, who delights in winding her up. He's a forester, a sculptor and by all accounts a ladies' man. So of course the island gossips are hard at work . . .

Look out for Wildflower Bay: Part Three.