Released on 16 May 2008.

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The Black Hole

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American military scientists have secretly developed a new weapon of mass destruction, capable of producing an artificial black hole in miniature – a tiny area of such dense gravity that everything, including light, is sucked into it. This can completely devastate a target area but leave behind no radiation. But at its first live demonstration, the US President watches in horror as the ‘black hole’ continues growing beyond its designated limits, and they watch a complete mountain range crumble to dust beyond the desert valley. He instantly orders the project to be cancelled, all data and records destroyed.

Twenty years later, British Intelligence starts picking up disturbing information that a rogue terrorist cult called the Brotherhood of Azrael is planning a new series of spectacular attacks against the West.

As attempts are made to infiltrate this mysterious group, a series of atrocities commences around the world. With capital cities resorting to panic evacuation, an even more terrifying threat begins to emerge. For the Brotherhood – ‘the angels of death’ – have got possession of America’s darkest secret, and have it primed for total global destruction.