Released on 28 February 2013.

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The Kills Part 1

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Listen.There’s a problem and it can’t be solved.You need to disappear.

This is Stephen Lawrence Sutler’s last morning at Camp Liberty, Iraq. In nine hours a massive explosion will conceal the theft of $53,000,000. Sutler, shaken by the blast and forced to go the run, is unaware that any money is missing or that he has been set up. His problems are just beginning.

Sutler is book one of The Kills.

The Kills is an epic novel of crime and conspiracy told in four books.

It begins with a man on the run and ends with a burned body.

Its creator, Richard House, has written and produced audio and video content that takes you beyond the boundaries of the book and into the characters’ lives outside its pages. This is the standard edition of the ebook, which contains links to this work on

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